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Smart Ideas for Your Laundry Room Remodel

by Product Specialist

More often, the laundry room, if you're lucky to have one, is carved out of awkward, leftover room. Most laundry rooms are big enough for just a washer and dryer and rarely take into account a workspace, storage, sinks or ergonomics. Make washing & drying easier with these tips to make your laundry room work better for you.

Raise your washer and dryer.
Front-loading washers and dryers have become more popular than top-loading types, providing higher energy efficiency and the capacity to fit more dirty clothes.While most front-loaders are quite low to the ground, requiring you to kneel down to load and unload the clothes (which will be heavier when wet), there are some front-loading machines that are constructed with drums located at a higher height. This makes reach into them while standing much easier.

A comfortable height for laundry drums is typically 30 to 36 inches for women and 33 to 39 inches for men. Plus, you can fit a laundry basket below the drum to catch wet laundry instead of holding it sideways and upward. Raised drum designs can help save your back. You could also create a custom cabinetry base to raise front-loaders even higher, to mid-chest level.

Morrow and Morrow Corporation

Get a lower folding table.
Most standard countertops are about 3 feet high and are comfortable for the average person. Folding laundry, though, requires different body movement than, say, chopping an onion. When folding large pieces, your body twists, bends, and leans over. A folding table that's a bit lower than standard height lets you lean into the job and is better for your back and shoulders. Keeping your own height in mind, shoot for a table in the range of whatever is most comfortable for you.

Use rolling laundry bins.
Rolling laundry bins can save you from always having to lift a heavy basket when you need to move your laundry. However, keep your flooring in mind- if you have uneven tile or stone floors, rolling might be a bit more challenging. Choosing rolling bins that fit easily underneath cabinetry will help create extra space.

Restyled Home
Embrace open shelving.
Open shelving makes any quick reach easier. You'll also likely find you'll keep things neater too, since things are on display. Frequently used items should be on lower shelves, while higher shelves should be reserved for items used less often. Lower open shelving is also great for quick access, and you won't have to worry about cabinet doors getting in the way.

Install a deep, elevated sink.
A deep sink is very handy in the laundry room. A deeper bowl depth allows for minimizing splashing water when scrubbing and spraying clothes. These sinks also work wonderfully to bathe pets! Consider a generously sized faucet with a high-arc, high-pressure nozzle.

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Integrate an ironing center.
No one enjoys dragging a heavy ironing board out of a closet and setting it up, only to have to drag it back shortly after. With a wall-mounted system, you can install it to your desired height. There are also great sit-down options.If you don't have the wall space available for a wall-mounted or recessed ironing center, consider one that's drawer-recessed.

Plan for a laundry chute.
If your laundry room is on your ground floor or in the basement, you certainly don't enjoy lugging a full laundry basket — or three — down the stairs. With a laundry chute, gravity does the work. A laundry chute doesn't require much room, so if you're building a new house or planning a renovation, it's a design element worth considering. You'll also want to consider where the clothes will fall. A good spot is directly above a cabinet in the laundry room, keeping laundry in a contained space next to the washer and dryer, rather than making a messy pile on the floor.

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Get a step stool.
Even though a basic fix, a one- or two-step stool is a valuable asset in the laundry room. Lightweight and easy to grab, you're more likely to actuallyuseit! Just make sure the stool you select has a nonslip surface; spilled bleach and liquid detergents can make it mighty slippery.